Last Days Sermons – Audio

The Great Falling Away Series – Wayne Dailey

In addition to the sermons below, take this link for a detailed 15 sermon, 15-hour study in the Holy Scriptures on the subject of a great apostasy in the Church of the last days, and what we must do to prepare ourselves to escape the approaching calamities. Based on a supernatural vision Pastor Dailey received in 1979, these audio sermons were first broadcast on the radio in 1982.

Last Days Sermons – Text

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Know These WIcked and Evil Forces – Wayne Dailey  (Read Online)


In 1988 the Lord spoke to Pastor Dailey in a series of visitations to reveal the attack of the spirit of antichrist against the Church. This attack will be very subtle and very effective and has already begun its wicked work in our day. These visitations are both a revelation to the Church and a warning of things to watch for.

Last Days 7-Part Series – Wayne Dailey

In the 1970s, the Lord took Pastor Wayne Dailey aside for a period of time and opened up to him Scriptures concerning the last days. The teaching presented in these seven messages came out of that time of visitation and is perhaps more relevant today than it was then.