Bethel Revival Center

49 Union St
Everett, MA 02149

Bethel Revival Center church began with the call of God to Wayne and Patricia Dailey to leave behind a lucrative heating and air conditioning business and to take up, with their four young children, the call of God to pastor a church in Titusville, PA.  In October 1962, God led them to the Boston, MA area where Bethel Revival Center was founded and where it has been ever since.

Read the following testimonies for a detailed and inspiring account of God’s miraculous intervention in their lives and his supernatural leadings.


Bethel Revival Center

Salvation & Call to Ministry     Call to Boston

After the Daileys’ passing, Brother Orville Plummer was ordained to
assume the pastorate of Bethel Revival Center in June 2016.



Pastor Orville Plummer

Orville Plummer was born in 1958 in Manchester, Jamaica, W.I. He did not grow up with the knowledge of salvation, but he did attend church regularly. In July 1973, Orville, his mother and his three siblings settled in Cambridge Massachusetts.

Orville came to Christ in 1976. In 1979, he attended a church service at Bethel Revival Center, and in October 1980, he enrolled in Bethel Bible College, feeling the call of God on his life. It was at Bethel where he met his future wife, Jennifer. Orville graduated from Bethel Bible College in May 1982, and in September 1984 he and Jennifer were married. They had three children together.

God’s grace and mercy have been extended to Orville in a marvelous way. His walk with Christ was rekindled in 2011 after years of separation from the Lord and the faithful dealings of God. Since then Orville has been serving the Lord faithfully, attending Bethel Revival Center church.

In June 2016 Orville was ordained as pastor.