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The following sermons reflect the Daileys' passion for revival that glorifies the Lord Jesus Christ

Glory to Christ Ministries

The Cost of Discipleship  Patricia Dailey  |  4 pages
Jesus made plain the cost of being His disciple. Is that what you truly want, and are you willing to follow Him into that way of life?

Pentecost  Wayne Dailey  |  9 pages

Pentecost—the birth of the church. And it was a powerful beginning! God never intended for that fire, ignited that day, to fizzle out. But it has, repeatedly, over the centuries. God wants that fire to be burning brightly in our day. What will it take? Read this sermon by Pastor Wayne Dailey to find out what elements worked together on the Day of Pentecost to bring about such a powerful effect.

Getting Prepared  Wayne Dailey  |  11 pages
Jesus was a good Friend to His disciples. His words to them in John 14 prepared them for His departure and reflected His love and care. He spoke of Himself, of the way to heaven, of prayer, of obedience, of the works his disciples would do, and of the Holy Spirit Whom He would send to be their Comforter. Through these words, we can learn more about the Person of Jesus and strengthen our relationship with Him.

Experiencing the Holy Ghost  Wayne Dailey  |  8 pages
The indwelling Holy Spirit of God is the great blessing promised to all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the Spirit of Truth, sent to guide us into all Truth. He works marvelous things through us as we obey Him. And He is with us forever, living right inside of us — this speaks of the closest type of relationship possible. Let this sermon inspire you to want to go all the way in the Spirit-filled life.

God's Glory in the House  Wayne Dailey  |  9 pages
God intends for His glory to be in our lives and in His house. He wants the fire of His Holy Ghost to burn in us continually. This sermon looks at conditions under which God brings His glory and what God expects of us so His glory and blessing can remain upon us.

Healing for God's Glory  Wayne Dailey  |  9 pages
This sermon is based on the healing of the man by the pool Bethesda. God provided divine healing to bring glory to Himself, and it is available to anyone who will reach out to Him in true faith.

True Revival  Wayne Dailey  |  8 pages
God wants to bring a real move of His Spirit in these days. The book of Acts gives the pattern for having true revival.

Restoration Revival  Wayne Dailey  |  12 pages
If there's one thing the church needs today, it's to be revived and restored to its former glory! For over 30 years Pastor Dailey hosted a radio program in the Boston area entitled, Restoration Revival Hour. In it he preached on the need for revival in the church and what to do to prepare for it. This sermon, from the 1980's, gets to the heart of his message on that subject.

Pray for Rain  Wayne Dailey  |  12 pages
During a time of drought Elijah prayed for rain; and though rain didn't come right away, he didn't give up, and his fervent prayers prevailed—God sent the rain! How about you? Are you willing to keep praying until God sends the much needed outpouring of His Spirit upon our dry and thirsty land?

Are You Looking for More?  Wayne Dailey  |  8 pages
Does something seem to be missing in your Christian walk? Are you looking for something more? By seeking God for the gifts of the Spirit, you can find victory and empowerment for a more effective spiritual life.

Faithful to the Call of God  Wayne Dailey   |  14 pages
Pastor Dailey describes God's dealings and preparation that brought him into the ministry. For anyone sensing God's calling, this sermon offers wise counsel of what to expect and what to do in response to that call.

Are You Losing Your Desire?  Patricia Dailey  |  9 pages
Have you lost your hunger and thirst to get into the house of God? This sermon looks at why this may have happened and what you can do about it. Like David, we can be glad when they say unto us "Let us go into the house of the Lord."

Beware of Rattlesnakes  Patricia Dailey  |  7 pages
You could open yourself up to deception from false teachers and false teachings unless you stay in the Word of God and walk closely to the Lord. This sermon is a good reminder to seek God with all of your heart and avoid the wisdom of this world.

Is Your Head in the Lap of the Enemy?  Patricia Dailey  |  7 pages
The devil is subtle and crafty. He works through the lusts of our own flesh to entice us and, if we're not on guard, ensnare us in his grip. This message contrasts the lives of two Old Testament characters, Joseph and Samson, and serves as a warning and encouragement to stay faithful to God and His word.

Losing Your Grip  Wayne Dailey  |  13 pages
In the name of the Lord, David as a young man single-handedly killed a giant with a sling and a stone. Later in life he grew weary in the battle, was almost killed by another giant, and he needed someone to come fight for him. Does this sound like you sometimes — strong in the Lord at one point and weak in another? This message may be just what you need to strengthen you and help you get back up on your feet spiritually.

Standing Your Ground  Patricia Dailey  |  12 pages

God's Word exhorts us to stand up and fight: not against people, but against principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places. Christians can't afford to be spiritual wimps! We must learn to stand our ground against the wiles of the devil and overcome him. This message teaches us how to do so and inspires faith that we can stand in the face of all opposition.

The Call of God  Wayne Dailey  |  8 pages
Other than responding to the call to salvation, responding to the call of God to Christian service is the most important thing one must do. This sermon looks at what it takes to prepare oneself for the call of God. It includes personal testimonies of Pastors Wayne and Patricia Dailey.

O Lord, Deal with Me!  Patricia Dailey  |  7 pages
The way to grow spiritually and reap God's bountiful blessings is to hear, read, study and—most of all—obey God's Word. As the Scriptures reveal things in your life that displease God, and you heed them, this gives place to the Holy Spirit to change and bless you.

The Little Foxes  Wayne Dailey  |  9 pages
 A great source of strength for Christians is our joy in the Lord. When we lose our joy, we can lose our determination to serve God, to weather the storms, to press on. So Satan sends against us whatever he can to rob us of our joy. Often it isn't the big challenge that defeats our joy, but rather the little annoyances of everyday life, the "little foxes" that spoil the tender vine of its fruit. This sermon will reveal the methods of your adversary, and teach you to guard yourself against allowing carnal reactions to overtake you.

Faint, Yet Pursuing  Patricia Dailey  |  9 pages
At times, spiritual battles go on and on and on, seemingly without end. Yet, God brings the victory at the right time. In the meanwhile, we need strength to keep on going and hold our faith. Let this sermon encourage you to seek the Lord, wait on the Lord, draw strength from the Lord, and hold onto His promises until victory comes.

God's Secret Place  Patricia Dailey  |  8 pages
A comforting and faith-building sermon that looks at the blessings of dwelling in the secret place of God's presence.

Do You Need Personal Revival?  Wayne Dailey  |  8 pages
You can get so busy serving that you omit the one essential ingredient to your Christian walk.

How to Get Closer to God  Wayne Dailey  |  11 pages
Are you desiring to draw nearer to God? How close do you really want to get to Him? These questions are worthy of consideration.

Run to Win  Patricia Dailey  |  7 pages
When runners prepare for a race, they must remove everything that could weigh them down. They can't run with a backpack, heavy boots, or anything else that would hinder them. The Bible makes known that we, too, are in a race—a spiritual race—and we must cast aside everything that could hinder us. This sermon looks into some of the common spiritual hindrances that affect people.

No More Tears  Wayne Dailey  |  8 pages
This sermon looks at the glories awaiting the faithful Christian, as described in the last two chapters in the Bible. These promises behoove us to live our lives carefully before the Lord, because the unbelieving and unfaithful will be left out.