God Takes No Naps  Wayne Dailey  |  8 pages
Since you got saved, how is your life like a pickle?  Read this message to find out.  You will also learn if God ever takes time out for a nap . . .  or at least a vacation.  (Also listen to the companion audio message "The Keeper.")

Joyous Correction  Wayne Dailey  |  11 pages
Our Father loves us deeply, and chastisement is part of our bringing up under His loving concern. No spoiled brats in His family!  (Listen to the audio message with the same title.)

Friends  Patricia Dailey  |  8 pages
Do you have any 'fair weather' friends? Examine yourself, as well, and ask, "Am I guilty of being a 'fair weather' friend?" A fair weather friend is with their friend through thick and thin: when things get thick, they thin out!

Crafty Jezebel Wayne Dailey  |  10 pages
King Ahab was spoiled. He had trouble accepting things when they didn’t go his way. He was determined to get what he wanted . . . at any price. And this is where Jezebel comes on the scene (was she the queen? or the king?)  (Listen to the companion audio message, Lessons from Ahab and Jezebel.)

Elijah—Trials with a Great Purpose  Wayne Dailey  |  8 pages
A lesson for you from Elijah's great trial. Sometimes we need solitude, shutting everything down because we are burnt out and need to get rested where we can be refreshed and hear from God. Next month we will take a close look at what and who Elijah was facing.  (Listen to the audio message with the same title.)

Seeking . . . What?  Patricia Dailey  |  7 pages
Seeking?  What for?  Many seek, thinking they've found what will satisfy, only to find out they're as empty as they were before.  So they have to try to seek out something else to satisfy.  And on and on their pursuit goes...  This message should head you in the right direction.

Is Your Heart in It?  Wayne Dailey  |  8 pages
We must see further than from our eyes to our nose. We can't be short-sighted and serve the Lord with true love and devotion. What is it you’re really looking for? Is it this life and what you can get out of it? Listen, that’s the way of the world and, unfortunately, the way of many Christians.

Loving with Mere Words  Patricia Dailey  |  8 pages
Do you love to hear your pastor preach, yet have no intent on allowing what he says to affect your life?  That's the way they were in Ezekiel's day.  They thought his preaching was like music! but they closed their ears to his warnings from God's Word, on such things as the sin of covetousness.

From Death unto Life  Wayne Dailey  |  10 pages
What a predicament? We were bound to the law of sin and death—without hope! This message reveals the way out, gives a blessed hope, brings freedom—with a new law!  Read on.  (Listen to the audio message with the same title.)

One Encounter  Patricia Dailey  |  13 pages
This is no time to be lullabied off to sleep! It's time to hunger for the Lord more than ever before, knowing that your relationship with Him is His desire as well as yours. Read this message and see where one encounter with Him can make a profound difference.

How Serious Are You About Truth?  Wayne Dailey  |  8 pages
Jeremiah's words are far-reaching—from the days he was prophesying, way down to our present time and onward. There was restoration back then, and greater restoration in the years ahead when the righteous Branch shall reign upon the earth: The Lord our Righteousness.  (Listen to the audio message with the same title.)

A Tender Heart  Patricia Dailey  |  9 pages
Hezekiah left an example for us. Not only was he an outstanding King, but his personal walk with the Lord is something we should emulate. He wanted to go all the way with the Lord; his heart was tender towards the Lord; his heart was made up to go all the way with the Lord, regardless of how low his father had stooped. Yes, his heart was fixed - fixed on the Lord!

Through the Spirit  Wayne Dailey  |  7 pages
In the dictionary MORTIFY means TO GANGRENE. So how does that apply to this message? Well, GANGRENE means to deaden by cutting off supply of nutrient. In other words, you can kill flesh, the old carnal man, by not feeding it any longer: not reading the same things, thinking the same thoughts, doing the things that lead to bondage.  (Listen to the audio message with the same title.)

Nobody's Going to Tell Me What to Do  Patricia Dailey  |  9 pages
Is Jesus Lord of ALL? or are there any areas in our life where you are still in control? When you pay for a dozen eggs, that's what you expect to find: 12 eggs. But have you given the Lord all that He paid for? When you received the price—it paid for your life, ALL of your life. You are not your own—you now belong to the Lord.

Healing and Health  Wayne Dailey  |  8 pages
Did Jesus take those cruel stripes in vain? Have we forgotten some of His benefits? One more question: Are the promises of God limited by one's age? Read this message with these questions in mind. (Listen to the audio message with the same title.)

Our Sufficiency  Patricia Dailey  |  10 pages
"That's OK, Lord. Thanks for the offer: I can handle this one myself."  That's not what Jesus told us!

Jesus in Isaiah 50  Wayne Dailey  |  8 pages
The Old Testament points ahead to Jesus and Calvary. In this message we will find much is said of His sufferings and His purpose for coming into the world—and we will learn that it pleased His Father. (Listen to the audio message with the same title.)

The Trial of Your Faith  Wayne Dailey  |  8 pages
Some things you’ll learn in the trenches when the battle is raging. When the devil seems to be throwing everything at you he can throw, that’s where you’ll learn to stand.  (Listen to the audio message with the same title.)

Singing of His Mercy  Patricia Dailey  |  12 pages
Find out what the key is to victory. I'll give you a clue: it's not found on Easy Street.

A Personal Encounter with Christ  Wayne Dailey  |  11 pages
There are those live experiences that one never forgets. Mary had such an encounter by the empty tomb - when Jesus merely said, Mary! That word spoke to her heart, lifted her spirits, and sent her on a mission.  (Listen to the audio message with the same title.)

What to Do When Trouble Comes  Orville Plummer  |  7 pages
Jump in on your own if you want—but you'll find yourself over your head; or, like Jehoshaphat, find that you should have known better!!! Best to do what he did when faced with unbelievable odds . . .

War Instructions  Patricia Dailey  |  8 pages
We are told to cast down imaginations, instead of dwelling on them and causing them to grow way out of proportion. In this message we have a natural illustration of this—when, all the time, the answer was in a box.

Are You Ready?  Wayne Dailey  |  12 pages
A message on making the Lord your dwelling place and being ready for His coming.  (Listen to the audio message with the same title.)

Now!  Judy (Dailey) DiZazzo  |  15 pages
Even though this was preached 40 years ago, it is very meaningful for the present time when the hour is fast approaching, and violence seems to be an every day occurrence in our land as well as around the world. Let us heed the admonition of this message NOW.

Remember—It's a Relationship!  Orville Plummer  |  16 pages
An encouraging, faith-building message that, no matter what, God is there with you and will be for you, because if you're one of His children, you have a personal relationship with Him.

A Heart After the Lord  Patricia Dailey  |  6 pages
Christians should have a heart after the Lord, desiring to know His will and to please Him in every aspect of their lives. Does that describe you, or are there some areas that you've not fully surrendered to Him yet?

Nineveh Gone Apostate  Wayne Dailey  |  11 pages
Back in the book of Jonah we read of a mighty revival in Nineveh when they heard the warning of impending judgment. About 100 years later Nahum is recording God's final judgment on the land of Nineveh, and it was wiped out completely. What went wrong? Read this message and find out, and also find a serious warning for our present day.

Through the Fire and Through the Waters  Wayne Dailey  |  9 pages
An encouraging sermon to trust God in the midst of your fiery trials and storms.

Hearing God's Word and Doing It  Patricia Dailey  |  3 pages
In a day of compromise and famine of the hearing of God's Word, where do you stand with receiving and acting upon
the Word of God?

A Penny a Day  Wayne Dailey  |  8 pages

This sermon is about being a laborer in the vineyard of the Lord. It tackles a tough question: Why did those who worked long hours in the vineyard receive the same wages as those who only labored a fraction of the time?

One for All  Wayne Dailey  |  7 pages
From Adam onward death and sin have reigned through human history. But where sin abounds, grace much more abounds. By looking to God, we can break the cycle and live in victory.

Bringing Hope to the Hopeless  Wayne Dailey  |  13 pages
There are many people who live without hope and who need to hear the message of true hope—the gospel of Jesus Christ. We need to understand the message and be willing to reach out and bring it to them.

The Need for a Vision  Patricia Dailey  |  6 pages
Do you have a vision that extends beyond yourself and your family? If you're not concerned for the state of lost souls, you're not in tune with the heart and mind of God: You need God to stir you into prayer and action to reach souls for Him while there is time.

Life-Changing Encounters  Wayne Dailey  |  9 pages
To be truly changed within, one needs an encounter—a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ.

Stumbling Stones  Wayne Dailey  |  9 pages
How quick are you to respond and say "yes" to God when He shows you something He wants you to do or to change in your life? When people refuse to yield to God in an area, that area becomes a stumbling stone to them. Eventually, they could lose out with God and miss eternal life. How important it is to fully surrender yourself to God and not allow anything to become a stumbling stone to you.

Having the Mind of Christ  Wayne Dailey  |  8 pages
Paul exhorted us to let Christ's mind be in us. What was His mind? To go all the way in obedience to the will of God the Father.

Righteousness by Faith  Wayne Dailey  |  8 pages
This sermon, taken from Romans chapters six and ten, teaches what true righteousness is, and how to possess it and walk in it. It contrasts righteousness by works with righteousness by faith.

The Born-Again Experience  Patricia Dailey  |  8 pages
This sermon looks into the born again experience. Jesus said that unless you are born again, you cannot see nor enter the kingdom of God. To enter earth you were born of your natural parents. To enter heaven and gain eternal life, you must experience a second, spiritual birth — and that spiritual birth comes from God. This second birth also frees you from enslavement to sinful lusts and habits.

The Sure Mercies of God  Wayne Dailey  |  7 pages
God showed great mercy to David when he had sinned. This should encourage us to look to Him for the same mercy if we sin. We must seek repentance and forgiveness when we fail God, and we may also need to make things right with people. The fruit of it all is peace and assurance within.

Turning Points  Wayne Dailey  |  7 pages
A turning point in one's life can be a good thing or a bad thing. King Uzziah was a godly king, but there came a turning point in his life that led to his destruction. This sermon brings out valuable lessons to learn from King Uzziah's life.

Is There a Goliath in Your Life?  Wayne Dailey  |  8 pages
You are going to face giants. The story of David and Goliath can teach you many things about how to face your giants and overcome them.

The Battle Is the Lord's  Wayne Dailey   |  7 pages
You regularly find yourself facing battles, large and small. The question is, who is fighting them? Are you, or do you let the Lord fight your battles? This faith-building sermon would encourage you to turn your battles over to the Lord, and it gives scriptural instructions that will help you to do so.

A Major Hindrance  Wayne Dailey  |  8 pages
This sermon is about one of the most significant hindrances to a person's walk with God.

Stedfast to the End  Wayne Dailey  |  9 pages
Some would teach that once you're saved, you're always saved, no matter what you do or how you live. But that's not New Testament teaching. This sermon emphasizes the condition for attaining eternal life, examines some potential hindrances, and would strengthen you to maintain your faith all the way to the end.

Gifts from God  Patricia Dailey  |  8 pages
The Bible says that every good gift and every perfect gift comes down from the Father above (James 1:17). This sermon looks at some of the precious gifts God has given to you.

Today Is the Day You Worried About Yesterday  Wayne Dailey  |  9 pages
Jesus' words in Matthew 6:25-34 give the key to a carefree life. This sermon will help set you free from anxiety and worry, as you study it and the Holy Spirit writes its truths upon your heart.

An Intense Desire for God  Wayne Dailey  |  9 pages

This sermon is a heartfelt appeal for Christians to develop a very personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. It is in this relationship that the Lord and the believer find great satisfaction. The primary way to develop such rich communion is in a consistent, daily prayer life, in which two-way communication can flourish. If you've struggled to establish a good habit of daily prayer, this message will be an encouragement to you.

The Valley of Dry Bones  Wayne Dailey  |  9 pages
If you are experiencing a thirsting for a deeper relationship with God but don't know where to turn for help, read this sermon.

Ask the Lord for Help  Wayne Dailey  |  9 pages
A God has real answers for real problems. But do you take time to ask Him—and Him alone—for the help you need? Whatever troubles or sins you may face, if you turn to Christ with true repentance, prayer and surrender, He will make a way for you.

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