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The Great Falling Away  Wayne Dailey  |  15 sermons
This is a detailed 15 sermon, 15-hour study in the Holy Scriptures on the subject of a great apostasy in the Church of the last days, and what we must do to prepare ourselves to escape the approaching calamities. Based on a supernatural vision Pastor Dailey received in 1979, these audio sermons were first broadcast on the radio in 1982.

Jerusalem in the End Days  Wayne Dailey  |  63:54 min:sec  |  Download
A biblical look at the Jewish people and the city of Jerusalem: a look at their past, at what will befall them in the last days, and where we as Christians fit into this great plan of God.

Will He Find Faith on the Earth?  Wayne Dailey  |  55:15 min:sec  |  Download
The Parable of the Unjust Judge in Luke 18 provides the text for this sermon on prayer as the anchor for our lives during troublesome times. The message of Jesus in this passage is that we maintain our faith through praying always. And He wonders aloud whether He will find anyone standing for Him when He returns: will He find any faith? Brother Dailey rehearses some sobering facts from recent history to provoke us to prepare our souls for times when we must know how to pray and not to faint, having a firm anchor in life.

Shining Brightly in a Sin-Darkened World  Wayne Dailey  |  70:11 min:sec  |  Download
Preaching from II Peter 3, Pastor Dailey exhorts sincere Christians to the urgent task of seeking that the gospel light shine out of our lives. Scoffers will heighten their attack on the Scriptures and on the promise of Christ's return. They don't understand that His supposed "slackness" is His mercy to those yet lost and our opportunity to reach out still to them. As sin and gross darkness covers the earth, God warns of His judgments looming over the whole creation, and appeals to us to work all the more in these closing days for the love of those yet to be saved.

The Coming of the Day of the Lord  Wayne Dailey  |  56:01 min:sec  |  Download
Preaching from Isaiah Chapter 13, Pastor Dailey emphasizes two great truths about the coming Day of the Lord: it will be a time of unprecedented judgment upon the whole earth, and it will be the time of redemption and escape for the Church of Christ. For the faithful servants of God there will be a glorious translation from a sin-filled world to an eternal heavenly reward. But for the world left behind, calamities and disasters never before witnessed on the earth will prevail. Men's hearts will melt at the unmistakable signs in the heavens and on earth. Among such signs will be the planet earth's faltering from her heavenly orbit, and the darkening of the sun. These prophetic descriptions should strengthen every Christian's resolve to be ready for the Master's coming!

Signs of Apostate Leaders  Wayne Dailey  |  66:48 min:sec  |  Download
From the Book of Jude comes an alarming warning to the Church of the subtle attack of ungodly and apostate men against God's people in the last days. These Scriptures describe in detail the character and conduct of these deceivers, comparing them to prominent examples in the Old Testament. Jude also exhorts true believers to contend earnestly for the true faith
delivered to us by God's servants.

Are You Ready?  Wayne Dailey  |  55:57 min:sec  |  Download
Besides Christ's first coming, the most significant event of all time is yet to happen—Christ's return for His church. The Bible gives no timetable but is full of signs of the times, and those signs are upon us. It is also full of warnings that you must be ready to meet Him when He comes. The question is, Are you ready?

Signs of the Times  Wayne Dailey  |  46:49 min:sec  |  Download
A sermon that looks at the signs of the times so you can be ready for the coming of the Lord.

The Day of Christ / The Day of the Lord  Wayne Dailey  |  50:57 min:sec  |  Download
This sermon makes clear the difference between the Day of Christ and the Day of the Lord, and would stir you to be ready for the coming of the Lord.

Watch, Pray and Be Ready  Wayne Dailey  |  45:24 min:sec  |  Download
The Bible is a book full of history, poetry, songs, promises and instructions. It is also full of strong warnings. If we hope to make it through this life and gain eternal life, we must heed these warnings. This sermon focuses on Luke 17:22-37, in which Jesus compared the time before He returned to the days of Noah and Lot. By giving heed to Jesus' warnings, we'll be the winners, and not losers, in the end.