In 1979 I received a supernatural vision from the Lord Jesus Christ of a peaceful shore.

After many hours of prayer, the Lord visited me in 1982 with a series of revelations to interpret that vision. The message He gave me warned of a great falling away of Christians from the truth, of the rejection by His church of Jesus Christ, and of the rise of the antichrist into a world prepared for his deception by hordes of false teachers.

As a result of these revelations, I prepared a 15-week series of sermons which I first broadcast on the radio in 1982, herein reproduced. These sermons examine in full detail numerous passages in the Holy Scriptures to explain the warnings in the revelation.

The purpose of these messages is to warn the true believers of Jesus Christ about this approaching apostasy so that we can prepare ourselves against that evil day.

My hope is that you will heed the warnings, study the Scripture passages for understanding, and fervently pray for revival and for grace to be kept true against the evil tide.

(Each of the 15 audio sermons below contain 5 radio broadcasts of about 12 minutes each. These sermons were first broadcast in 1982 on our Restoration Revival Hour program on Boston radio station WROL 950 AM, and re-broadcast again several times in later years.)

One of the original master tapes, for the 13th week, became damaged soon after its initial broadcast. The sermons for the last two days of that week were re-recorded in 2001 from a transcript of the original sermon.

Pastor Wayne Dailey

     Week 1:  A Vision of the Peaceful Seashore

     Week 2:  False Teachers of Damnable Heresies

     Week 3:  The Character of False Teachers

     Week 4:  II Peter Chapter Two

     Week 5:  The Book of Jude

     Week 6:  The Way of Cain

     Week 7:  The Error of Balaam

     Week 8:  The Gainsaying of Core - Part 1

     Week 9:  The Gainsaying of Core - Part 2

     Week 10: The State of Apostasy

     Week 11: Stir Up Your Pure Minds

     Week 12: As in the Days of Noe

     Week 13: II Peter Chapter Three

     Week 14: As in the Days of Lot

     Week 15: The Signs of the Times

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The Great Falling Away Series

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