The Mantle of Elijah  Wayne Dailey  |  49:07 min:sec  |  Download
This sermon would inspire you to dedicate your life to the work of God, to prepare yourself for it, and to greatly desire the anointing you need to fulfill whatever calling God has on your life.

The Keeper  Wayne Dailey  |  51:03 min:sec  |  Download
 There's great comfort and security knowing that the Lord is your keeper.  He never sleeps and he never leaves you alone.  That knowledge should inspire in you a desire to be in the house of God and to be working for God's kingdom, winning souls to Christ.  (Also read the companion text sermon "God Takes No Naps.")

Joyous Correction  Wayne Dailey  |  54:41 min:sec  |  Download
Correction and discipline isn't something people generally enjoy.  However, as Hebrews chapter 12 teaches, correction by your heavenly Father comes out of His love and it is needful for your eternal good.  When comprehended like that, you can receive God's correction joyfully.  (Read the text sermon with the same title.) 

Expecting  Wayne Dailey  |  75:16 min:sec  |  Download
It doesn't matter how far someone has strayed from God; God has an expected end for them if they will but turn to Him with all their heart.  And when it comes to the promises of God, we need to move from just praying and asking, to expecting God will move and work and fulfill those promises for us.  

A New and Living Way  Wayne Dailey  |  47:46 min:sec  |  Download
Jesus Christ ushered in a new and living way under the New Covenant that is far superior to that of the Old Covenant.  This sermon examines verses in chapter ten of the epistle to the Hebrews and brings out what Christ accomplished for you and what your response to God's great salvation must be.

Elijah—Trials with a Great Purpose  Wayne Dailey  |  46:22 min:sec  |  Download
A lesson for you from Elijah's great trial. Sometimes we need solitude, shutting everything down because we are burnt out and need to get rested where we can be refreshed and hear from God. Next month we will take a close look at what and who Elijah was facing.  (Read the text sermon with the same title.)

Lessons from Ahab and Jezebel  Wayne Dailey  |  62:25 min:sec  |  Download
Based on I Kings 21, this serious message brings out important lessons to be learned from the wicked lives of King Ahab and his wife Jezebel. (Read also the companion text sermon, Crafty Jezebel.)

The Graveyard  Wayne Dailey  |  103:23 min:sec  |  Download
This powerful sermon was preached in Wichita, KS approximately 20 years ago.  The recording had been misplaced and was recently found.  Its scriptural message is based on a series of three dreams the Lord gave to Pastor Dailey.  (Near the end of the sermon, Pastor Dailey builds up to a sermon he planned to preach the next service—a sequel to this one—in which he answered the question why people keep struggling with ungodly ways in their life.  The recording of that sermon was lost.  So as not to leave the listener of this message hanging, the answer to that question, which he brought forth in that subsequent message, was, "because you are yet carnal and not altogether spiritual" 
(see I Corinthians 3:1-3).  The encouragement, of course, was to make it a top priority to become spiritual, letting go of carnal ways.)​

Miracles  Wayne Dailey  |  81:45 min:sec  |  Download
We all need miracles, and God is a miracle worker!  This sermon encourages you to look to God for your miracle and to dare to step out in faith in the small things He puts before you.

From Death unto Life  Wayne Dailey  |  59:17 min:sec  |  Download
A compelling message to become born again and live for God, based on the text from I Peter 2:21-25.  (The first few seconds of the introduction weren't recorded. Read the text sermon with the same title.)

The Urgency of Salvation  Wayne Dailey  |  56:09 min:sec  |  Download
A powerful plea to those who are not saved to get saved. God's judgment of sinners as well as the plan of salvation are brought out in this message.

How Serious Are You About Truth?  Wayne Dailey  |  51:22 min:sec  |  Download
Using Jeremiah chapter 23 for his text, Pastor Dailey deals with the serious issue of how people respond to Truth as contained in God's Word.  (Read the text sermon with the same title.)

Through the Spirit  Wayne Dailey  |  29:05 min:sec  |  Download
In the dictionary MORTIFY means TO GANGRENE. So how does that apply to this message? Well, GANGRENE means to deaden by cutting off supply of nutrient. In other words, you can kill flesh, the old carnal man, by not feeding it any longer: not reading the same things, thinking the same thoughts, doing the things that lead to bondage.  (Read the text sermon with the same title.)

Offer Spiritual Sacrifices  Wayne Dailey  |  51:52 min:sec  |  Download
Based on several verses in chapter two of the second epistle of Peter, this message, among other things, encourages and exhorts you to offer spiritual sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving to God, who so richly deserves it.

Healing and Health  Wayne Dailey  |  40:12 min:sec  |  Download
Did Jesus take those cruel stripes in vain? Have we forgotten some of His benefits? One more question: Are the promises of God limited by one's age? Read this message with these questions in mind. (Read the text sermon with the same title.)

Thoughts from II Thessalonians  Wayne Dailey  |  43:41 min:sec  |  Download
Paul's second letter to the Thessalonians contains powerful information about the Antichrist and end times. This sermon draws from several verses in the middle of this epistle that would prepare your heart to stand firm and patiently wait for the coming of the Lord.

Jesus in Isaiah 50  Wayne Dailey  |  42:56 min:sec  |  Download
The Old Testament points ahead to Jesus and Calvary. In this message we will find much is said of His sufferings and His purpose for coming into the world—and we will learn that it pleased His Father. (Read the text sermon with the same title.)

A Spirit-Filled Church  Wayne Dailey  |  56:58 min:sec  |  Download
You should desire a spirit-filled church, which operates in the Spirit of God and has the full blessing of the Holy Spirit. One essential ingredient must be present for this to operate in the way God intended.

The Trial of Your Faith  Wayne Dailey  |  64:37 min:sec  |  Download
In this life there are many tests and trials.  God even allows certain trials to purify you.  You must learn to go to the Lord in prayer and believe that He's faithful to answer you and bring you out.  He won't fail you.  (Read the text sermon with the same title.)

I Peter Chapter One  Wayne Dailey  |  51:41 min:sec  |  Download
A verse-by-verse exposition of I Peter 1:13-25.

A Personal Encounter with Christ  Wayne Dailey  |  62:19 min:sec  |  Download
Because of the resurrection of Christ, you can have personal encounters with Him that are life-changing. The Christian life should be one filled with the presence and resurrection power of Jesus Christ.  (Read the text sermon with the same title.)

God's Pending Judgment  Wayne Dailey  |  56:01 min:sec  |  Download
This sermon is taken from the prophecy of God's pending judgment of Israel in the book of Hosea and draws parallels to the present time. 

The Blessings in Psalm 139  Wayne Dailey  |  56:01 min:sec  |  Download
A verse-by-verse look into this beautiful psalm, which abounds with comfort and promise for the believer.

Are You Ready?  Wayne Dailey  |  63:46 min:sec  |  Download
A message on making the Lord your dwelling place and being ready for His coming.  (Read the text sermon with the same title.)

Expect the Supernatural  Wayne Dailey  |  63:46 min:sec  |  Download
Is there anything you've found lately that's impossible? Have you been up against a stone wall, a mountain, a set of circumstances for which you can't seem to find an answer? Sometimes we have to learn there's a higher realm here—it's the supernatural. And that's where great works get done. God gave a lot to the church: the Holy Ghost and the gifts of the Spirit. This sermon exhorts you to believe God for the supernatural, that His Son Jesus would be glorified and His Name would be exalted in these last days.

Don't Change the Gospel  Wayne Dailey  |  42:57 min:sec  |  Download
Based on Galatians chapter one, this sermon brings out the importance of keeping the gospel pure and not allowing elements of man creep in and pervert it.

Having Expectation  Wayne Dailey  |  77:31 min:sec  |  Download
To see God's promises fulfilled in your life—whether answers to prayer, victory over the devil, or being taken up in the rapture —it's important to have an expectation that what God has promised, He will do.

God's Strong Dealings Wayne Dailey  |  48:49 min:sec  |  Download
A sobering message, from the book of Nahum, about God's strong dealings and judgment against wickedness and unrepentant, wicked people.

Lessons from Psalm 34  Wayne Dailey  |  66:54 min:sec  |  Download
A faith-building and heart-searching message based on the wonderful verses found in Psalm 34.

Perfecting Holiness Wayne Dailey  |  64:51 min:sec  |  Download
Much in the Bible is taught on holiness and the need for holiness ln our lives. This sermon emphasizes this, focusing on the need to perfect holiness in the fear of God.

Pray More Earnestly  Wayne Dailey  |  75:20 min:sec  |  Download
Looking at events just prior to Jesus' crucifixion, this message would exhort and encourage you to pray more earnestly when you find yourself in situations that would tempt you to veer off of God's path.

Do This in Remembrance of Me  Wayne Dailey  |  66:20 min:sec  |  Download
A remembering of what Jesus Christ, the final Passover Lamb, did for humanity on the cross. A message for anyone who is not yet saved, yes, but also a reminder to us as Christians of the great price Jesus paid for our salvation.

A Study in Romans Chapter Five  Wayne Dailey  |  41:50 min:sec  |  Download
Starting in Romans 5:12, this message brings out the greater blessing of the New Covenant as compared to the Old. It also exposes some wrong doctrine surrounding grace that is being taught in many churches.

Greater Works  Wayne Dailey  |  44:31 min:sec  |  Download
A challenging and faith-building message based on John 14:12: "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto My Father."

The Acceptable Year  Wayne Dailey  |  49:19 min:sec  |  Download
Using the prophetic text from Isaiah 61, Pastor Dailey brings out the need to take advantage of the window of opportunity God has provided in the "acceptable year" to spread the gospel to as many people as possible.

II John  Wayne Dailey  |  45:38min:sec  |  Download
A verse by verse message on the brief, and rarely preached on, epistle of II John.

Can You Handle Strong Meat?  Wayne Dailey  |  65:34 min:sec  |  Download
God's will is for you to grow spiritually to where you can become a teacher of the Word, able to guide your children in the ways of the Lord. At times this will require you to be fed some strong meat of the Word that gets down to the nitty gritty issues in the heart. Can you handle strong meat?

Forget Not All His Benefits  Wayne Dailey  |  60:08 min:sec  |  Download
Psalm 103 exhorts you not to forget all of God's benefits. This sermon encourages you to mix faith with the promises of God so you can experience those benefits in your life.

God Is a Deliverer  Wayne Dailey  |  51:47 min:sec  |  Download
Do you want to be greatly used of God? Do you want your life to matter? By listening to God and turning your heart towards him, you can live a life that bears much spiritual fruit and blesses the life of others.

Blessings from Romans Five  Wayne Dailey  |  46:56 min:sec  |  Download
Justification by faith, access into God's presence, patience, experience, hope . . . These are some of the wonderful things brought out in this message, taken from Romans 5:1-10.

Seek the Things Above  Wayne Dailey  |  42:42 min:sec  |  Download
A heart-searching message about prayer and setting your heart on things above, not earthly things.

Asking for Help to Obey the Call  Wayne Dailey  |  44:39 min:sec  |  Download
This is an exhortation, by way of several real examples, to anyone seeking to get prepared to obey God's call to the ministry. Pastor Dailey addresses a group of young people considering attending a Bible School,  encouraging them to forsake vain and unrealistic fantasies of "going it alone," and pointing them to an appreciation for good, godly training through teachers appointed of God to that purpose. You will also hear a short personal testimony from Pastor Dailey describing the work of God in calling and training him for ministry.

Extraordinary Service  Wayne Dailey  |  67:18 min:sec  |  Download
Follow the Apostle Paul on his last recorded journey to Jerusalem, and consider soberly his words reflecting his commitment to the cause Christ gave him to fulfill. Not even true prophetic warnings of suffering and death could sway Paul away from his service to his Master. This is a sober, meaty message to mature Christians.

God's Faithful Preacher  Wayne Dailey  |  61:55 min:sec  |  Download
In II Timothy 4 the Apostle Paul solemnly charged Timothy to preach God's Word faithfully. That charge is just as relevant today to exhort every preacher who wants to remain faithful to his calling. Pastor Dailey encourages preachers to be true to God's calling despite hardships, afflictions and persecutions. This sermon will also help all Christians to better appreciate the
spiritual desires and struggles of a godly minister.

The Power of God unto Salvation  Wayne Dailey  |  68:08 min:sec  |  Download
The gospel of Jesus Christ has been many things to different people. For many, the gospel is a foolish story to be disdained. For others, it is a shameful thing for weaklings. But in God's perspective, the gospel is His wisdom to redeem sinful men to Himself, His power unto salvation. Each man must make a choice as to how he will esteem and respond to this gospel. This sermon exhorts every soul to shun the sin-darkened values of the world and to embrace the gospel's message of grace and salvation.

How Jesus Overcame the Devil  Wayne Dailey  |  60:09 min:sec  |  Download
From the beginning of His ministry on earth, Jesus served as our perfect example in pleasing His Father in all that He did and said. The early events surrounding His water baptism and His temptations in the wilderness, and how Jesus mastered these situations, are the subject of this sermon. Of particular emphasis are: the Father's pleasure in Jesus; the importance of being led by the Holy Spirit rather than by human thought or strength; and, using the Word of God to overcome the temptations hurled against us by the devil.

Believe God's Promises  Wayne Dailey  |  53:32 min:sec  |  Download
God is faithful to give us what we need to be able to believe Him, to have faith in what He has spoken. God visited Gideon as he faced the enemy just before the battle; Jesus gave Thomas the experience he needed to believe that He was resurrected. Faith enables us to stand firm against temptations to run away or to abandon God's will for our lives. Often God speaks through

His prophets well in advance, sometimes years and even centuries, to prepare His people and to testify of His power of foreknowledge. This sermon will help us embrace God's promises with fervent faith and to wait steadfastly for their realization.

The Power of Prayer to Open Prison Doors  Patricia Dailey  |  43:22 min:sec  |  Download
In the parable of the unjust judge found in Luke 18, Jesus taught us the importance of persistent prayer. Sister Dailey opens

with this text to exhort believers to develop faithful and fruitful habits of daily prayer. She also expounds from two powerful
accounts in the Book of Acts: God's supernatural intervention for Paul and Silas in the Philippian jail as they prayed and
sang; and Peter's miraculous deliverance from jail as the church prayed for him. Whether it be of one, of two, or of a
whole church, prayer brings down the power of God.

Will He Find Faith on the Earth?  Wayne Dailey  |  55:15 min:sec  |  Download

The Parable of the Unjust Judge in Luke 18 provides the text for this sermon on prayer as the anchor for our

lives during troublesome times. The message of Jesus in this passage is that we maintain our faith through
praying always. And He wonders aloud whether He will find anyone standing for Him when He returns: will
He find any faith? Brother Dailey rehearses some sobering facts from recent history to provoke us to
prepare our souls for times when we must know how to pray and not to faint, having a firm anchor in life.

A Revival to Glorify Christ  Wayne Dailey  |  98:37 min:sec  |  Download
Pentecost Sunday has been special to the Bethel congregation for many years, and this Pentecost service will dwell long in the hearts of those in attendance.  Pastor Dailey shares the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit in his early years, describes with Spirit-filled passion the vision for revival that God placed in his heart,  and challenges the church to a great work for Christ in these closing evil days. Near the end of the service God speaks prophetically a deeply moving message about His feelings concerning conditions today and His purposes.  Through this sermon you will understand intimately the calling and vision of this ministry.

The Gifts of God in a Well-Functioning Body  Wayne Dailey  |  45:11 min:sec  |  Download
The Body of Christ is meant to be a live, active, functioning organism, drawing strength from its many members as they work together under the Headship of Christ. Each member provides a vital service to the Body when he finds his place and his gifts from God. It is in the functioning of these gifts (spiritual gifts of the Holy Ghost, and ministerial gifts of Christ) that each member fulfills God's plan, and that the Body of Christ reaches toward the fulness of God's plan. This sermon will inspire you to seek out your place of Spirit-led fruitfulness.

Marveling at the Wonderful Miracles of God  Wayne Dailey  |  44:44 min:sec  |  Download
Walking on water; feeding multitudes with just a few loaves; raising a dead man from the grave; opening the eyes of a

man born blind. These and many other great miracles Jesus performed in the few years of His earthly ministry. Why are
these great works still worthy of our attention? To marvel at them is to have our attention drawn to God's great glory and
power, and to strengthen our faith so that we can be victorious against the many challenges in life.

Preaching the Gospel with the Holy Ghost  Wayne Dailey  |  54:38 min:sec  |  Download
Pastor Dailey delivers a sermon concerning the necessity and the blessing of having God work with us in the preaching of

the Gospel.  We must have a deep hunger and thirst for God's power to see the operation of the Holy Spirit in our lives like
we read about in the early church of the Bible, and like Jesus promised us ("greater works").  We should also recognize
that it is the Father's desire to make us fruitful in the great revival He has promised us.

Spiritual Tools for Spiritual Work  Wayne Dailey  |  63:32 min:sec  |  Download
Peter and John at the Gate Beautiful of the temple (in Acts 3) exemplify what Spirit-filled believers should possess: a quickening message, the Spirit of God, spiritual gifts, the supernatural power of God, and the mighty name of Jesus. The result was that the anointing of God broke the yoke of bondage in a needy soul, and the name of Christ was glorified among the people.

What God Wants Is Our Hearts  Wayne Dailey  |  59:59 min:sec  |  Download
One of the great revivals described in the Scriptures occurred when one man with a heart for God rose up with courage and purpose to inspire God's people to return to God. Young King Hezekiah was that man that God used to lead His people to a spiritual restoration. Perhaps this sermon will do for you what Hezekiah's words accomplished in the people of Judah.

How Long Will You Turn the Glory of God into Shame?  Wayne Dailey
God's most glorious and crowning creation was man. Man was created in the image of God. God gave man a unique glory, but through sin man has turned that glory into shame. How often do men, even Christian men, disdain the glorious place God had intended for His creation!

Have you considered how your conduct may be turning the glory God meant for you into a shame before His presence? As you give your ear and heart to this series of anointed sermons, you may find the Holy Spirit enlightening your mind to areas of your life that dishonor God and hurt your relationship with your Creator. If you are searching for divine inspiration for a more godly life, listen to these revival sermons.

Part 1:Turning God's Glory into Shame  |  78:05 min:sec  |  Download
Part 2: The Glory of God in the Christian Home  |  89:07 min:sec  |  Download
Part 3:The Pride of Man Is Not the Glory of God  |  44:54 min:sec  |  Download

Is Your Light Shining Before Men  Wayne Dailey  |  81:16 min:sec  |  Download

This sermon would challenge anyone who knows Jesus Christ as Saviour to let their light shine—through their lives and by their words—before those who are still in darkness and lost in their sins.

The Keeper  Wayne Dailey  |  51:03 min:sec  |  Download

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