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We believe we are living in the last days of the Church Age and need to be prepared for the rapture of the Church and coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Below are sermons, Bible Studies, supernatural revelations, and other Last Days material the Lord has given over the 40 years of this ministry.

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Audio Sermons

Click for message summaries Jerusalem In the End Days mp3 63:54 min:sec Wayne Dailey
A biblical look at the Jewish people and the city of Jerusalem: a look at their past, at what will befall them in the last days, and where we as Christians fit into this great plan of God.
Click for message summaries John's Revelation of Jesus 87:05 min:sec Wayne Dailey
How important it is to know who Jesus Christ really is. Was he merely a good man who taught people the right way to live? Was he merely a prophet, like Elijah, who also happened to have miraculous powers? If we're hoping to be ready for heaven and to inherit eternal life, we must know who this Jesus really is, and what He did for us on the cross and through His resurrection. This sermon looks at Jesus, as seen in the Book of Revelation, and impresses upon us what is needed to be prepared for His second coming. This is a timely message for the days we're living in.
Click for message summaries The Great Falling Away of the Last Days 15 hours total Wayne Dailey
This is a detailed 15 sermon, 15-hour study, in the Holy Scriptures on the subject of a great apostasy in the Church of the last days, and what we must do to prepare ourselves to escape the approaching calamaties. Based on a supernatural vision Pastor Dailey received in 1979, these audio sermons were first broadcast on the radio in 1982. As you listen, you may be surprised to see explanations from many years ago for the grave problems besetting the church today, and alarmed to realize that even greater turmoil is approaching. These messages give not only warnings but also godly counsel to prepare us for the future.
Click for message summaries Signs of Apostate Leaders 66:48 min:sec Wayne Dailey
From the Book of Jude comes an alarming warning to the Church of the subtle attack of ungodly and apostate men against God's people in the last days. These Scriptures describe in detail the character and conduct of these deceivers, comparing them to prominent examples in the Old Testament. Jude also exhorts true believers to contend earnestly for the true faith delivered to us by God's servants.
Click for message summaries The Coming of the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord 56:01 min:sec Wayne Dailey
Preaching from Isaiah Chapter 13, Pastor Dailey emphasizes two great truths about the coming Day of the Lord: it will be a time of unprecedented judgment upon the whole earth, and it will be the time of redemption and escape for the Church of Christ. For the faithful servants of God there will be a glorious translation from a sin-filled world to an eternal heavenly reward. But for the world left behind, calamaties and disasters never before witnessed on the earth will prevail. Men's hearts will melt at the unmistakeable signs in the heavens and on earth. Among such signs will be the planet earth's faltering from her heavenly orbit, and the darkening of the sun. These prophetic descriptions should strengthen every Christian's resolve to be ready for the Master's coming!
Click for message summaries Shining Brightly in a Sin-Darkened World 70:11 min:sec Wayne Dailey
Preaching from 2nd Peter 3, Pastor Dailey exhorts sincere Christians to the urgent task of seeking that the Gospel light shine out of our lives. Scoffers will heighten their attack on the Scriptures and on the promise of Christ's return. They don't understand that His supposed "slackness" is His mercy to those yet lost and our opportunity to reach out still to them. As sin and gross darkness covers the earth, God warns of His judgments looming over the whole creation, and appeals to us to work all the more in these closing days for the love of those yet to be saved.
Click for message summaries Will He Find Faith on the Earth? 55:15 min:sec Wayne Dailey
The Parable of the Unjust Judge in Luke 18 provides the text for this sermon on prayer as the anchor for our lives during troublesome times. The message of Jesus in this passage is that we maintain our faith through praying always. And He wonders aloud whether He will find anyone standing for Him when He returns: will He find any faith? Brother Dailey rehearses some sobering facts from recent history to provoke us to prepare our souls for times when we must know how to pray and not to faint, having a firm anchor in life.

Text Sermons

Click for message summaries The Last Days
Part 1: The Antichrist
Part 2: The Days of Noah
Part 3: The Days of Lot
Part 4: The Temple Thrown Down
Part 5: The Abomination of Desolation
Part 6: Mystery Bablyon
Part 7: The Rapture of the True Church
17 pages
17 pages
13 pages
16 pages
13 pages
14 pages
12 pages
Wayne Dailey

In the 1970s, the Lord took Pastor Wayne Dailey aside for a period of time and opened up to him Scriptures concerning the last days. The teaching presented in these seven messages came out of that time of visitation and is perhaps more relevant today than it was then.

Part 1: This message looks at the Antichrist and how he will impact Israel, the church and the rest of the world. It addresses when the rapture of the church will occur relative to the Great Tribulation and instructs us on how to be ready — and not left behind — when Christ returns for His church.

Part 2: Jesus said that as it was in the days of Noah, so it would be when He returned. This message compares the conditions in Noah's day to those of our day. Back then, God judged the world by flood. Soon, God will bring judgment on this world by fire. But as God made a way of escape for people in Noah's day, He has made one for us today. It's up to us to take advantage of it.

Part 3: Jesus also compared the last day conditions to the time of Lot, when God destroyed the people of Sodom for their wickedness and Lot nearly lost his life. This message looks at the conditions of Lot's day and the bad choices Lot made. They serve as a warning for us so we can escape the pending judgment of God in our day.

Part 4: A comprehensive look at Jesus' prophetic words concerning the last days; also at the fulfillment of those words, as evidenced by the events that have occurred since those words were spoken. It is critical for us to be ready for Jesus' second coming, which could happen at any time.

Part 5: This message provides a detailed description of the Antichrist and his activities. The Abomination of Desolation, the little horn, the beast with seven heads and ten horns, and the mark of the beast are all examined. This message also explains why the world — and multitudes in the church — will be deceived and ensnared by Antichrist to their own destruction.

Part 6: Mystery Babylon, the great whore, the beast, the woman sitting upon it, the seven heads, the ten horns, the city set on seven mountains: These are some of the mysteries that are found in the Book of Revelation and explained in this message.

Part 7: The rapture (catching away) of the church out of a sin-filled world by Jesus Christ comes just before the Day of the Lord, a time of unprecedented calamities followed by final judgment with fire.

Click for message summaries Know These Wicked and Evil Forces 23 pages Wayne Dailey
In 1988 the Lord spoke to Pastor Dailey in a series of visitations to reveal the attack of the spirit of antichrist against the Church. This attack will be very subtle and very effective, and has already begun its wicked work in our day. These visitations are both a revelation to the Church, and a warning of things to watch for.
Click for message summaries The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord Requires Adobe Reader.  See top of page for free download. 11 pages Wayne Dailey
The day is approaching when the great judgments of God will fall on the earth. These are the calamaties described in detail in many different passages in the Bible, some of which are reviewed in this sermon. The best defense we have against the coming troubles is to be ready at all times for the Second Coming of the Lord, when He returns to rescue away His beloved Church. The Lord warned many times that we should be ready at all times because His coming would be sudden and unannounced. This sermon reminds us of these important truths.
Click for message summaries What Time Is It? Requires Adobe Reader.  See top of page for free download. 16 pages Wayne Dailey
The Apostles Peter and Jude both wrote warnings inspired by the Holy Spirit to guide believers in the last days away from the apostasy and the false teachers plaguing our times and seeking to weaken the church. This sermon identifies the telltale signs of these deceivers: forsaking Christ and denying the power of His blood; using covetous practices and insincere words to make merchadise of God's people; turning God's grace into a license to sin; and, leading many into damnable heresies.
Click for message summaries Found Watching and Waiting Requires Adobe Reader.  See top of page for free download. 14 pages Wayne Dailey
The words of Jesus recorded in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke proclaim solemn warnings about the last days of our era. Consistent with Old Testament examples and other New Testament exhortations, the Lord described the signs of His return and the severity of the subsequent calamities that will befall the whole world. This sermon exhorts us to live soberly, live ready, live expecting, and offers practical advice on how to avoid dangers commonly plaguing God's people today.

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